Progress with other sailors in the paradise of Banderas Bay. Follow a  customized curriculum specifically tailored to your goals. We can help you prioritize skill development, so that you’re working on things that will make the biggest difference in your results, while providing a foundation of good habits and skill for further development in the future.

Level 1
The Foundation of Sailing Excellence Level 1 is for new and low experience sailors. The course allows for full on water sailing immersion for approximately three hours per day with two hours of on land instruction. Eat, sleep and breathe sailing for 3 full days and become an independent sailor. The ISA program provides a new sailor with a very solid foundation upon which to gain experience and become a lifelong sailor!

Level 2
ISA’s Foundation of Sailing Excellence Level 2 is designed for sailors who have some experience or have completed Level 1. The curriculum is adjusted based on attendees experience and can focus on finer sail trim, advanced seamanship, spinnaker work and intro to racing.

The All-Inclusive Package Includes:

Sailing Days
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday begin with a daily briefing/theory lesson, then down to the boat for approximately 3 hours of on the water instruction each day. We will cater this timeframe to the students learning absorption rate. We aim to promote maximum learning during the on water sessions.  We wrap up with a review of the day back in the classroom and answer and questions new sailors may have.

Rest Days

6 consecutive days is a lot of sailing and some new sailors would like a day off for exploring, relaxing by the pool and enjoying the local culture. We can accommodate a day off during your clinic.

Boat Charter
Sail on our Colgate 26, a boat designed specifically for teaching sailing. You will learn skills on this boat that are easily transferrable to many other types of sailboats. It is the perfect platform for a safe and comfortable learning experience.

Plan your trip so Sundays are arrival and departure days. Sailor housing resides in a gated community, just a 5 minute walk down the beach from the marina. Master bedrooms are available for sailing couples or if you’d like to bring a non-sailing guest.

Two meals are served daily, Monday through Friday, and brunch on Saturday. We can accommodate any diet, dislike or allergies.

Enjoy a one hour, private group yoga class, taught by one of our resident yoga instructors. Classes are held at one of our sailor houses, Monday through Saturday. Most of our instructors also provide massage services which you can schedule with them separately for an additional fee.

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