Book this rare opportunity to work with Olympic Coach Vaughn Harrison to improve your downwind speed and handling tremendously.Laser sailing and the way champions sail downwind has changed a lot in the last 15 years and there are still massive gains to be had in most sailors’ downwind technique. 

In our most popular clinic, we’ll tow 11 miles up the coast in the morning and sail downwind in warm, champagne sailing conditions all the way back to ISA every day for 6 days. That’s more downwind practice than your average sailor gets in a decade!

You’ll work on downwind strategy/tactics, crucial body positions for all wind conditions, sail setup and sheet tensions, capsize prevention, positive and negative flow, pressing, rocking technique, wave catching, surfing, sheet timing, light wind best practices, staying legal/rule 42, wave skew identification/technique, roll jibes, lee to lee jibes, heavy air jibes and more.

Gain access to Vaughn’s proven and ever evolving downwind methodology currently practiced by top Olympians and national team members. Vaughn is on the cutting edge of downwind technique and brings his Olympic secrets to the public in our Downwind Clinic.

The All-Inclusive Package Includes:

Monday through Saturday begins with a daily briefing/theory lesson, followed by two to three hours of on-water training, and finishing with a video analysis based debrief.

Boat Charter
Add a “Pro Kit” and simply travel with your sail and battens. Otherwise, a standard boat charter comes with blades, spars, a hiking strap and mainsheet block.

Plan your trip so Sundays are arrival and departure days. Sailor housing resides in a gated community, just a 5 minute walk down the beach from our boat park. Master bedrooms are available for sailing couples or if you’d like to bring a non-sailing guest.

Two meals are served daily, Monday through Friday, and brunch on Saturday. We can accommodate any diet, dislike or allergies.

Enjoy a one hour, private group yoga class, taught by one of our resident yoga instructors. Classes are held at one of our sailor houses, Monday through Saturday. Most of our instructors also provide massage services which you can schedule with them separately for an additional fee.

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