WIND Youth Clinic

This four day training clinic is the most highly attended youth focused clinic in North America. Sailors aged 9-18 will develop skills to help them reach the highest levels of sailing competition. ISA provides attendees with next level coaching alongside the epic conditions delivered by the Columbia River Gorge.

Detailed technical and practical briefings start the day. Then develop your skills and confidence in the building breeze and waves of America’s windiest river. Finally we’ll recap the day with video review of the days experiences. We focus on heavy air speed and boat handling techniques, upwind/downwind strategy & tactics, fitness, rigging, capsize recovery and more!

Participation is open to Laser Standard, Radial and 4.7 sailors with sufficient skills and experience to sail comfortably in high wind conditions. Limited to 40 sailors.

Clinic Price:
$500 USD + 6% fee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we sail out of?

We will sail out of Cascade Locks, Oregon. We launch off the eastern beach of the Columbia River Gorge Racing Association (CGRA). See map below or more info at:

Can I park my boat and car there? 

See guidelines on map above.

What time should I show up and where will briefings and debriefings be located?

Each day we will meet at the CGRA building at 9:30 am, completely rigged. From there we will either brief near the bleachers or at a boat on the beach or at the community center on the west end of the marine park. After the first day your coach will instruct you on subsequent morning logistics.

What will a typical clinic day look like? 

We’ll start with a technical briefing at 10:00am each morning. Usually briefings are about an hour and then we’ll hit the water for about 2.5 -3 hours depending on the timing of the breeze filling in and the daily objectives.The wind is oftentimes windy in excess of 20 knots but generally will have a gradual build throughout the session. We’ll complete on water drills to achieve the daily goals and may run some practice races as well. Afterwards we’ll come in and begin the debrief right away which will include answers to any questions about the days theme and may also include video analysis. We recommend packing lunch or snack to eat during the debrief. We will end each day between approximately 4:30 and 5:00 depending on wind conditions.

What is included in each clinic? 

Coaching is included for each clinic including briefing, on water coaching and debriefing.  Boat charter, food and accommodations are not included.

What clinics is Brett Beyer Coaching?

Brett will be coaching the High Wind Clinic and the Pre-Pacific Coast Championship Clinic.

Who is Brett Beyer?

Brett Beyer is a sailing coach from Sydney Australia who has been involved in the last 5 Olympic Games as a coach and fitness advisor. He holds 12 Masters World Championship titles in laser and has worked countless youth, masters and high performance sailors to improve their laser sailing. He has also worked with ISA in clinics at our winter sailing destination near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

What other ISA coaches will be in the Gorge and what is their schedule? 

During the WIND Clinic Vaughn Harrison, Colin Gowland, Greg Clunies and Derek Vanizan will be coaching. During the WIND Regatta, Vaughn Harrison and Colin Gowland will be coaching. During the High Wind Clinic and the Pre-PCC Clinic, Brett Beyer and Colin Gowland will be coaching. During the PCC Regatta, Colin Gowland will be coaching.

Are charter boats available?

Yes, charter boats are available through West Coast Sailing. You can contact them at

Is food included for any of the clinics?

Food is not included. We recommend a hearty breakfast before the sailing day and to bring snacks out on the water with you. As well we recommend a post sailing recovery snack or meal that you can enjoy during debrief. We also recommend bringing a 2 liter water bottle in your boat bungee’d just above your hiking strap line that you can access at any time while on the water.

What is regatta coaching and what does it include?

Each day we’ll provide a forecast, wind and current readings and develop a strategical briefing taking geographical and local conditions into effect. From there we’ll help you tune up pre-race and give you any last minute tips before racing begins. We’ll record your roundings and give you a quick synopsis and notes for the next race. We’ll bring all your supplies in the boat, spare parts and any other items so they’re always available for you. At end of day we’ll debrief the racing to prepare you for the next day.

What should I wear? 

We recommend a light wetsuit/hikers with knee protection and a rash guard and lifejacket for most days. If you get cold easily, you could add a wetsuit top or splash top to give a little more protection. We strongly recommend hiking boots.

Aside from the Clinics and Regatta Coaching in the Gorge, where can I register for the WIND Regatta and Pacific Coast Championships?

WIND Regatta:
Pacific Coast Championships:

Can you recommend some accommodations nearby? 

Best Western Columbia River Inn
735 WaNaPa Street | Cascade Locks, OR  97014

The Resort at Skamania Coves
Six comfortable one and two-bedroom homes with fireplace, full kitchen, satellite TV, most with WiFi, 2 with hot tubs and spectacular river and mountain views. Also 16 RV hook-up sites. Nightly and weekly rental. 10 minutes from Cascade Locks.
Skamania Cove Drive & Highway 14  | Stevenson, WA  98648

Cascade Motel
Historic Motor Inn on Old Highway 30. Romantic cottages and spacious queen suites. Seasonal and weekly rentals. Six kitchen units with refrigerators and microwaves. Four regular units. Located on three peaceful acres. Ten units.
300 Forest Lane | Cascade Locks, OR97014

Port of Cascade Locks & Marine Park Campground
355 WaNaPa Street | Cascade Locks, OR 97014

Can you recommend some placed to eat nearby? 

Walking Man Brewery
240 SW First Street | Stevenson, WA  97648