Laser Sailing: Downwind Strategy Seminar Vaughn Harrison

by Colin Gowland Published on

Take a peak at one of ISA’s seminars on downwind strategy – a perfect video to watch on those low wind days that will change the way you think about downwind sailing.

The seminar was filmed at the Gorge in Oregon in June 2017. Though you’ll hear some specific tips for the Gorge, you’ll learn how to identify and execute a solid downwind strategy for your next race. We go over downwind VMG in the Laser, course skew, wave skew, wind shifts and pressure and how to prioritize what will help you achieve the best gains.

We use real world examples of drone footage at the 2016 World Championships and the 2012 Olympics to demonstrate the concepts.

Colin Gowland

Colin has been a coach and instructional designer since 2002. He co-owns the International Sailing Academy and coaches both on the water, and online, specializing in the Laser / ILCA dinghy.

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