Join us for a specialty clinic or at any time for a custom clinic.

Custom Clinic

Progress with other sailors in a customized curriculum specifically tailored to your goals. ISA can assess your racing and help you prioritize skill development, so that you’re working on things that will make the biggest difference in your results, while providing a foundation of good habits and skill for further development in the future.

You’ll also have the chance to train and socialize with other laser sailors and enjoy the exceptional conditions, accommodations and coaching ISA has to offer.

Includes: lodging, meals, daily coaching & video, & brand new Laser.
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Laser Speed Week

A sum of many small things, boatspeed is absolutely paramount to success in laser racing. We will diagnose your speed issues upwind, downwind and reaching, and execute a plan to bring your boatspeed up over 6 days of incredible sailing in paradise.

Through technical briefings, on water feedback and in depth video review, you’ll advance your knowledge and practice of sail setup and proper sheet tensions, body positions, hiking technique, downwind technique, VMG angles, high mode, low mode, steering technique, sheeting technique, velocity header and lift management and more.

We draw from our experience coaching Olympic representatives and national team members to give you the latest in techniques and tricks to develop the boat speed edge you’ve been looking for.

Includes: lodging, meals, daily coaching & video, & brand new Laser.
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Starting Clinic

The most important aspect of most races, consistent great starts are an attribute of all great Laser sailors. You’ll focus on everything crucial to a great start - big picture strategy, line bias identification, transit and non-transit line identification methods, favored end starts, mid-line starts, current identification/calibration, lay lines, flow, pre-start routines, making and defending a hole, poaching, shooting, sailing backwards, double tacking, crabbing, creeping, acceleration, sail setup, “sail down the fleet", match racing attack/defense and more.

Includes: lodging, meals, daily coaching & video, & brand new Laser.
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Mexican Masters Clinegatta

A fun week of training, racing and camaderie all rolled into one package. Sail in amazing weather and conditions and make new friends from around the fleet. This Masters week provides amazing coaching and training during the day. In the evening, unwind with fellow sailors by the pool or catch some live music at one of the local bars. Wrap up your training with the two day Mexican Masters Regatta where you'll apply what you learned and get coaching during the regatta.

This well attended week is extremely fun both on and off the water!

Includes: lodging, meals, daily coaching & video, brand new Laser & regatta entry.
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Clinic & Wesmex Regatta

A phenomenal week of training and racing all rolled into one package. Enjoy our renowned Custom Clinic format in paradise for your first 4 days, and then sail the Wesmex regatta at the Vallarta Yacht Club, home of the 2016 Laser World Championships for the final 3 days.

A festive and well attended event, particularly for the radial class, Wesmex provides an opportunity to apply and solidify the skills learned during your clinic immediately in a real regatta situation. Boat charter and regatta coaching is provided by ISA for the event.

Note: The regatta is held out of the Vallarta Yacht Club in Nuevo Vallarta, about 6 miles from ISA via water. Sailors should arrange their own accommodation during the regatta in Nuevo (we recommend Paradise Village). ISA will arrange to transport equipment and luggage from La Cruz to Nuevo.

Includes: lodging during the clinic, meals, daily coaching & video, & brand new Laser.

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Downwind Clinic

Laser sailing and the way champions sail downwind has changed a lot in the last 15 years and there are still massive gains to be had in most sailors' downwind technique. In our most popular clinic, we’ll tow 11 miles up the coast in the morning and sail downwind in warm, champagne sailing conditions all the way back to ISA every day for 6 days. That’s more downwind practice than your average sailors gets in a decade!

You’ll work on downwind strategy/tactics, crucial body positions for all wind conditions, sail setup and sheet tensions, capsize prevention, positive and negative flow, pressing, rocking technique, wave catching, surfing, sheet timing, light wind best practices, staying legal/rule 42, wave skew identification/technique, roll jibes, lee to lee jibes, heavy air jibes and more.

Includes: lodging, meals, daily coaching & video, & brand new Laser.
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Exclusive Group Coaching

Bring your own training partners, coach or team for an exclusive group sailing experience. ISA provides access to our renowned facilities, top sailing conditions, accommodations and meal plans.

Our NEW 2016 Lasers are ready for action, and our fleet of VSR coachboats will give coaches the ultimate in coachboat reliability, performance and comfort.

We are pleased to provide a coach for teams or groups without a coach, but who would still like coaching, video review, mark setting, skill analysis and other coaching services.

Contact us for more details and availability.
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Private Coaching

One on one coaching is best for sailors who demand full-time attention from our coaches.

Sailors can hone their technical skills with an ISA coach to systematically improve areas such as: boathandling maneuvers, sail setup, hiking technique, fitness regimens, upwind/downwind speed improvement, starting, finishing, wind shift identification, strategical sailing considerations and more.

Create your own goals or let your coach evaluate your sailing to create a specific training/coaching plan for fastest possible improvement.

Contact us for more details and availability.

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