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At ISA, you’ll find the best training opportunity for all Laser sailors.
We achieve this by providing exceptional coaching, conditions and equipment.


Luke "Swifto" Elliott
ILCA Coach
Luke “Swifto” Elliott has trained under renowned Australian coaches Arthur Brett and 3x Olympic Gold Medal coach Michael Blackburn for over a decade. He was training partner to Olympic Gold medalist Tom Burton and now with Olympic Gold medalist Matt Wearn. Swifto is a gifted and renowned coach with an impeccable record for improving sailor results and moral.
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Arnulfo Parra
Center Manager
Arnulfo "Arnie" Parra takes care of all the equipment, coach boats, launching and landing assistance, maintenance, and general needs of all who visit and train at ISA. Arnie is one of the kindest, friendliest and most helpful gentlemen you will ever meet.
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Andrew Lewis
ILCA Coach
Andrew is a 3X Olympian in the ILCA/Laser Dinghy and bring his multi-decade experience to sailors worldwide. He coaches the Canadian National Team and other athletes on the World Cup. Andrew visits ISA annually to bring sailors abilities to new heights through his inspirational methodology and technical prowess.
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Nick Thompson
ILCA Coach
Nick is able to offer a unique insight and depth in to what it takes to become a champion at any level, and stay there. A 2X World Champion, it is extremely rare to find a sailor/coach with who can exceed Nick's level of first hand experience.
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Bill Symes
ILCA Coach
Bill is a passionate student of the art and science of sailboat racing, and just as passionate about sharing his insights with other ILCA sailors from around the world. You’ll bring your Laser sailing to new heights in a Laser Sailing Clinic designed by a 5x Masters World Champion in conjunction with ISA.
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Paul Swan
ILCA Coach
Paul has a Ph.D. in human performance technology. He works with the ISA coaches to analyze, break down and effectively teach the cutting-edge techniques of the world’s top Laser sailors to ISA clients using powerful instructional strategies and technologies.
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Namkhai Bourquin
ILCA Coach
Namkhai Bourquin is an accomplished ILCA coach with an approachable style that gets results. His speed and handling focused approach distills the absolute best lessons learned from his experiences working alongside the World's top ILCA coaches. He coaches the Learn to Laser and other ILCA Clinics at ISA throughout the winter season.
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Vaughn Harrison
Founder / ILCA Coach
Vaughn founded ISA and has worked with countless Olympians, youth and masters sailors. He coached at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the 2020 Tokyo Games, and the 2024 Paris Games. Vaughn is one of the most specialized and sought out ILCA coaches in the industry.
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Colin Gowland
Operations / ILCA Coach
Colin helps coordinate resources at ISA to make ILCA sailors faster every day. This involves bringing the best coaches, conditions and equipment together, in order to produce the highest possible training environments for ILCA sailors worldwide.
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ISA offers world-class Laser coaching for all levels in perfect conditions, warm water and consistent breeze. ISA’s clientele ranges from sailors with little experience to those who own a Laser and want to move from recreational sailing into racing. As well, it’s popular with master sailors looking to up their game, and caters to those on the Olympic path.

Sailing Magazine
May 2017 Edition

Training at ISA was the best sailing I have done in my life. On a consistent basis, I was roll tacking in the morning, and hiking hard every afternoon. Working with the Academy coaches, I was able to achieve a greater understanding for racing, starting and planning for regattas.

Brenda Bowskill
Canadian Olympian Rio 2016

Totally happy. It’s a great program; coaching, boats, facilities, schedule, support services, all superbly organized and executed. And the food is terrific!

Bill Symes
Portland, OR

One unique aspect of the ISA program is the sense of camaraderie that develops between participants and coaches during the week. All meals are taken together at ISA headquarters, and the on-land coaching sessions are done either with the full group or in several smaller groups, providing plenty of opportunities to share ideas, discuss backgrounds and get to know one another off the water.

Sailing World
July/August 2014 Edition

The supplied Lasers, rigging area, sailing conditions, and coaching are all first class. There's a large backyard and pool. La Cruz has lots of local restaurants that serve good food at reasonable prices, but there's little need because the food served by the Sailing Academy's Petra is even better.

Doug Peckover
Masters World Champion and Blogger

The coaching is skill-level appropriate. These guys are good and don’t make you feel awkward about not getting something right away. Our course included guys like me at the bottom of the ladder, right up through sailors who were doing the Masters Worlds.

Hugh Jervis
BC, Canada

Loved training at the International Sailing Academy in Mexico. Any Laser sailors wanting a good training camp, I definitely recommend this place.

Tom Slingsby
Olympic Gold Medalist & America’s cup winner

ISA is one of the few training options for a Laser sailor that offers the best of everything, everyday. From the consistent and dependable breeze conditions to the easy and quick boat launch to lineup time, ISA offers world-class on water training. The coaches work in conjunction with each individual athlete and accommodate to each sailor’s learning style.

Hugh Macrae
Kingston, Canada

I love sailing at the ISA in Mexico! My time is always well spent at Vaughn’s clinics - the lessons and sailing sessions are smooth, efficient and high intensity. I always leave at the end of the week with some kind of major breakthrough! On top of the world-class coaching, the venue is beautiful and consistently delivers perfect sailing conditions. All in all, the ISA is my go-to place to get my skills honed before major events and to keep learning new things along the way.

Clara Gravely
Team Canada

Vaughn is very accurate at identifying physics of boat speed techniques. He brings very fresh and also appropriate new ideas which have re-energized the British Laser Squad. His coaching helped me greatly leading up to winning the European Championships in Porto by adding the last piece of the puzzle in upwind boat speed and lane holding.

Lorenzo Chiavarini
European Champion 2019


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