Rigging: Get the Most out of Your Boom Vang

by Colin Gowland Published on

Being able to get the right amount of vang on while you’re sailing, and getting it set correctly and quickly is not only beneficial to your speed and sailing but will also allow you to get the right amount of control on when you are tired.

To summarize: use high quality lines and block, make sure your floating block goes all the way to the vang key when it is off all the way, set your max off knot at the right tension, use a plastic handle, and mark your vang line for 90º, block to block, depower 1 and depower 2.

Colin Gowland

Colin began coaching for ISA full time in 2015 and has been evolving his Laser coaching methodology on the ISA team ever since. His coaching style has been described as patient, methodical and analytical.

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