Masters Racing in La Cruz, Mexico 2015

The 2015 Mexican Masters Clinegatta will take place this year from February 14-22 for racing in La Cruz, Mexico. It will be hosted by the International Sailing Academy and Marina Riviera Nayarit.  The regatta is the Mexican Masters Championships and is open to any Laser sailor aged over 35. We can expect great wind, beautiful weather, and awesome racing.

With the regatta set over a weekend, we have sent out invites to many masters sailors from all over Mexico to join us, promising an exciting and competitive regatta! There are currently sailors from over 4 countries registered and the list is growing!

Masters Regatta Racing in La Cruz 2015 NOR

The clinic has an arrival date on February 14 and a departure on February 22 (after racing) or February 23rd. Racing will take part on February 21 and 22 with 25 sailors expected.

Those taking part in the full Clinegatta will be provided with:

Accommodation, a 2-minute walk from our boat and catering services. Casa ISA has wireless internet, 3 pools, a tennis court, laundry, maid service, 24/7 security, and beach access.

Food: our nutrition program is run by the ISA Chef who provides all of our meals and accommodates for any allergies or dislikes.

Boat charter: a laser, dolly, spars, and foils are provided. We ask that sailors bring their own sails, tiller, and lines to train as they race, and also so that our coaching staff can make suggestions on the setup.

Coaching: Daily on-water coaching and video debriefing from our head coach Vaughn Harrison

Entry fee: The clinic includes the regatta entry fee.

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