Nick Thompson

by Colin Gowland Published on

Nick is able to offer a unique insight and depth in to what it takes to win at the top level and stay there. Having campaigned the laser through 4 Olympic cycles amassing 6 World Championship medals in the process, whilst regularly coaching through the campaign; he has the ability to not only know the correct techniques and strategies to win but also how to explain them at any level. With a huge passion for helping anyone get the best out of their sailing be it fitness and ‘campaign’ management and efficiency, boat speed, boat handling techniques or strategy and tactics; everything is looked at to make the biggest gains possible in the time available for their personal ‘campaign’.

Nick is a 2x Laser World Champion, Laser European Champion, 2x Laser World Championship Silver Medalist, 2x Laser World Championship Bronze Medalist, 2x European Championship Medalist and an Olympian. He has 6 years of coaching experience at the highest levels of sailing and masters sailing and is directing his current focus towards coaching for the elite:

Colin Gowland

Colin has been a coach and instructional designer since 2002. He co-owns the International Sailing Academy and coaches both on the water, and online, specializing in the Laser / ILCA dinghy.

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