Laser Sailing Class Rules Update Compasses

Following a class vote, it was recently announced that all four proposed rule changes had been approved. The new laser sailing class rules allow for:

Electronic digital compass

A digital compass may be mounted on the boat, and an additional one may be wrist-mounted. It may be integrated with a timing device. The compass must use only magnetic input and cannot be able to display or calculate speed, weather or position information. This means no GPS or weather input functionality is permitted.

There are a few options on the market such as :


Raymarine Tacktick

Boat or Body Mounted Camera

A sailor may now mount a camera on the bot or their person. While this has been done in training very often it is now permitted in racing. This could be useful in protest situations, however, remember that the rules specify that a jury should take video and images with a grain of salt as depth perception and angles may not be portrayed correctly.

Shock Chord Inhaul

There are no longer restrictions on the attachment points of the shock cord inhaul system for your outhaul.

This direct attachment solution is simple and effective:

Adjustable Hiking Strap

It is now possible to add a floating cleat and a turning point to the hiking strap support line. This could make for more reliable adjustments to the hiking strap system. It remains to be seen what the most popular rigging method will be! Share with us your thoughts in the comments.

Will you be changing any of your systems?

Full laser sailing class rules-language:

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