Ideas on Staying Fit While Traveling

Us humans are creatures of habit. It gets pretty easy to have a workout routine thrown off when we’re traveling - our diets change, our sleep habits change, our hydration is thrown off and our local gym or neighborhood run isn’t there. So, with no access to equipment, here are some ideas on staying fit while traveling.

Make sure you make exercise part of your daily schedule.

There’s a lot you can do without equipment and it’s easy to get creative, too. Use your suitcase as a weight or do body rows under the table in your hotel room.

Here’s a “furious 50” that can be done with 0 equipment:

50 reps of 10 exercises.

Raised push ups, sit ups, squats, supermans, one legged squats, burpies, dips, tricep push ups, oblique crunches, lunge jumps.

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Or a Tabata workout (Tabata style means 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for a total of 4 minutes per exercise.)
Air squats, sit-ups, lunge jumps, leg raised push-ups, scissor kicks, handstand push-ups.

It doesn’t take much to get creative, pack in a full-body workout without equipment while on the go. And don’t forget to watch what you eat! Let’s face, it sitting in airports for a while is boring. Instead of buying junk, go to nuts or apples for example. Work little for staying fit while traveling.

How do you stay fit on the road?

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